Our Mission:

To promote our motto – “Laugh Is Good.”

The Brand:

EasyPrank’s core mission is to provide content that’s ridiculous  and entirely nonsensical. If while visiting our site you happen to learn something useful, then we consider this site to be a complete failure. If, however, while visiting our site you catch yourself giggling like an 8-year-old schoolgirl and at the same time emailing your posse of friends with the subject line “YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!”,  then our core mission has been a success. Above all, we hope you’ll contribute to our growing community of sports fans and make BrokenSports a part of each sport’s season. BrokenSports is:

  • an opportunity for every contributor looking to establish his or her voice in an awesome community of passionate peers
  • an experience for every visitor hoping to indulge his or her appetite with a rich diet of sports related content
  • an environment for every visitor hoping to speak his or her mind on the variety of topics that make up BrokenSports


BrokenSports.com is a sports humor, satire and parody site. We don’t claim for any of our content to contain even the slightest of truths. If you believe any of the material found on this site, you might need professional help.