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FAQs about Submissions

How will my Submission benefit me?

  • is visited by thousands of people a month, giving your posts exposure to our awesome audience.
  • EasyPrank is also happy to include links to your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter page and other destinations (as appropriate), helping you generate traffic and new influence.

What kind of content are you looking for?

  • Bottom line – you need to make us laugh.
  • We are NOT looking for crude or downright mean prank calls. What we ARE looking for is creative, fictional content that matches the rest of the site.
  • We are NOT looking for promotional / marketing posts about your business.
  • Pranks are usually 100-500 words each, but may be longer or a bit shorter if need be.
  • Absolutely no inappropriate content will be published. This includes profanities, and any material not suitable for a younger audience.
  • Your submissions to EasyPrank must be EXCLUSIVE CONTENT and cannot be published elsewhere before they are published on (yes, we’re calling dibs!)

How do I submit my material?

  • Please submit your prank idea to info [at]
  • Also, send us your author bio included with the post.
  • Let us know what, if any, links to include in your author bio.
  • Bios should be written in 3rd person. Please keep them short.

Are all submissions published? When will I see my prank?

  • We receive lots of funny prank ideas, and review them often.
  • Although we appreciate all submissions, we are only able to publish the pranks we feel will best contribute to our site.
  • We will notify you only if your content has been selected.

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