10+ Best April Fools Pranks of 2015

10+ Best April Fools Pranks of 2015

It’s the first day of April! Time to get prepared with a toolkit of hilarious (and mostly harmless) pranks that you can use on your coworkers, family, and friends.

Please use the suggestions below and feel free to tweak them in any way you see fit. Have some more ideas? Please share in the comments.

Laugh is Good!

#1 Fake Craig’s List Ad



Post an ad on Craig’s list with a friend’s number. Get creative here but be careful not to go overboard. Once the friend figures out who it was that posted the ad revenge is just a click away.

#2 Throw a Balloon Party



A few balloons taped to a window make a pretty cool impression.

#3 Smells Like Chicken



Place some chicken bouillon in a shower head. The water will smell and look like chicken. Lot’s of variations here.

#4 Who’s In the Bathroom?



This one speaks for itself. Confuse your coworkers at the office bathroom.

#5 Frozen Mentos



Freeze mentos in an ice cube and offer someone a Diet Coke. If you don’t know about Mentos and Diet Coke…you’re in for a treat.

#6 Close the Door!



Tape an airhorn to the wall and wait for the door to open.

#7 Keyboards Gone Green

Grow Grass in Keyboard


Have an old keyboard? Take it apart and sprinkle some grass seeds. Add water and waste a few days for the magic to happen.

#8 Drink More Water



Use some thin cardboard or similar material to flip a cup of water upside down on a surface. Then pull out the cardboard and leave the cup sitting upside down. Simple as that!

#9 Take a Seat



Speaks for itself and works great in an office setting.

#10 Carmel Onions




Looks can be deceiving. Throw some caramel around an onion and offer it to a friend or coworker.

#11 Bugs Away

BugPrankPrint out a bug on your computer, cut it out, and tape it under a lampshade. Easy, but super effective!


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